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Geometry Dash - ℵₒ by Zhander

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a video upload of a level thats actually good to provide this level with some more well-deserved publicity and to state a few things

first of all, i do not expect myself to ever not get annoyed with this game unless robtop actually bothers to fix these stupid frame rate and input delay issues with 2.2. until then, i wont see myself being able to verify The Hell Series with a game thats not working and is entirely luck if the game wants you to beat a level or not

this level was proof of what i stated up there. this is a fantastic layout that i got the priviliage of playing with the only exception of the somewhat annoying bit at the build-up part with the cube and robot. despite this, the game decided to screw with me by randomly skipping frames and changing my input delay at random and got so frustrated for stuff that i could do nothing about. im so sick of this game not working properly that i am simply not even gonna try to verify something difficult until robtop fixes this broken game. might make progress but thats about it

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