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Geometry Dash 2.11 | Daily Level #638 - 12 00 AM by Knots [3 Coins]

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1st Coin - 0:36 (Key - 0:29) [Go all the way to the end of the platform at 0:28, or the key won't show up.
2nd Coin - 1:07
3rd Coin - 1:20

Level Song: https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/779227

Notes: The daily level uploaded are numbered by Steam daily levels, the first level to have appeared on Steam being one, and so on. There are about 30 more levels that were released on mobile. The descriptions that appear below about these levels are simply my harsh critique and opinions on the level. They shouldn't be taken too personally or seriously. No hate towards the creators of these levels, simply just pointing out suggestions and flaws with the level.

"12 00 AM by Knots"

hey look this daily was right on time gg robtop
if only there was like a thing where you could assign daily levels in advance haha

What seemed like a good level turned out to have a couple of flaws which frankly infuriated me. I'll start out with the easily observable. While the backgrounds were alright, the foreground is very flat and lacking.


Yes it's modernistic. And it's also flatter than an anime girl. Some depth to the design would be nice. Also the drop is very bright. Too bright. Maybe tone it down a bit. Gamma negative five or something. It's like looking at my phone at full brightness at 12:00 AM.

Oh wait.

Now for the not so obvious. You see the first key? For some reason it was made a touch trigger, and you have to go all the way to the end of the platform for the key to fall down. I don't know why touch is enabled, because if that was an intentional thing then that's a invisible prerequisite, and I fucking hate those. I don't know why clicking like 2 blocks early and surviving would not trigger the key to fall down, but ok.

And here's the big fuck up. The invisible portals. And the invisible auto sections. As I always say, invisible auto and portals are fucking horrible, even if the gameplay isn't affected heavily by it. The thing is, it was affected in some way. I actually died to one of these portal spam auto parts. I really don't see the point is these fucking things when they could be substituted with....oh I don't know...actual gameplay. Or you know, a visible, nicely decorated BUG FREE AUTO THAT WON'T KILL YOU. So meh. The good outweighs the bad here, but that doesn't completely negate the bad.

volvo fix plz

also pipsqueak voice songs make me want to commit gmd die

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