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Geometry Dash - Master Duel VERIFIED (Solo) - Duelo Maestro remake 100% (Extreme demon) by Zylenox

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The time and soul I put into this level had some of the best rewards in the end. The entirety of building this level was so much fun, using decoration outside of what GD had to offer, allowing me to make the art level almost of my dreams ^w^
During the stream an entire 280 people showed up, which blew me away. Not only that, the stream only lasted for 30 minutes because I FLUKED 24-100 (lol)
Remaking duelo maestro was always an intimidating task; decorating an entire 4 minute level. I had never experienced decorating a level even close to that length, but with plenty of pewdiepie minecraft lets plays and twitch streams to keep me intact, this level was finished in roughly 50 days.

This level is dedicated to: Samwad, Spamdrew128, Cubpletionist, Phatpig321, Gunnerbones, Lachurs, Tricks33, Typier, Scrammbled_Eggs, and Nacho21

The song used in the level is called "Space abyss," which is a mashup between Lchavasse's "Lunar abyss" and "Solar abyss."
The mashup was done by CubixyBlue

For those who are unable to download the song as it is NONG, the default song for the level is Hurricane Dimension by OcularNebula (Which syncs perfectly :3)

My attempts are kinda unknown, I can say like 2000-3000 are actual attempts
Done solo with a controller, on stream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CUwJdFHD26M&t=1s
The full detail level has 223,555 objects
ID: 57359114
The LDM copy of the level has 144079 objects
ID: 57359109

This one goes out to you, Nacho21.

Thanks for watching
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