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"Hue Effect" (demon) by Zoroa GD | Geometry Dash 2.11

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This is a rather unexpected level by Zoroa GD. When I heard that he had a new level finished, I was expecting something along the lines of his part 2 levels, but instead I got to see a pretty cool remake of a Nine Circles level. Remaking such a level suits pretty well for his style, since it's built around effects. You can easily recognize this as a Nine Circles remake by how its built up, with the Ship part's structures at 0:11 and the effects at 0:22. This is a remake of Butterfly Effect by Linco in particular, which is why it uses a different song than Nine Circles. It also has pretty much the same gameplay as that level. The biggest difference is the colors, which is a good thing, as the color schemes in both Butterfly Effect and Nine Circles are quite boring, but this one is way more colorful. I'm not a huge fan of player colors being used only at 0:59. It would have been nice to use them a little bit more earlier on, for example in the grayscale part at 0:43. Luckily, this level is quite easy compared to Nine Circles, being a remake of an Easy Demon, Butterfly Effect, as it will be playable by a lot more people. This will most likely be an Epic Easy Demon.

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Game (version): Geometry Dash (2.11)
Level: Hue Effect by Zoroa GD
ID: 57395071
Music: -=My Future=- by viewtifulday

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Thumbnail by Erdyuri: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCc6dBMhJ-mH-N2h6cC-O0Lg
Outro by th31: https://www.youtube.com/user/LolThe1Guy


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