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I really want to be proud of this video, I really do... But there were so many complications during editing that this video honestly fell a little sub par to me for my own standards. I might be extremely harsh on myself, but that's whatever. So what happened was that I ran out of memory on my pc, which is why subtitles suddenly disappears after 12 or so minutes, and to add to that, 1 of my 6 subtitle tracks in premiere pro got deleted somewhere along the lines, so a lot of PanMan's subtitles just disappeared, and because my PC can't save the project file anymore because it's simply too massive, I'm left with a half finished video that I really want to be proud of. But oh well. Since my computer isn't strong enough and I don't intend on upgrading any time soon, I will post the video I have so you guys can enjoy it at least a little bit. I'm terribly mad that I wasn't able to give you guys the video I wanted to give you, but that's just how it be some times you know. In the future I probably won't be as heavy on the subtitles for this as I was in this video, but that's for the future. I hope at least you guys get some joy out of this video, because ever since I started editing this, it's just gotten painful. I still think the video is really funny as is, it's just that I see through the actual video and look at the editing, which in my eyes isn't as good as it should, or could have been, but there's literally nothing I can do.

Either way, I wanna say thank you to SirHadoken, Pauze and Hyperflame for letting me do this, and helping me set the event up over the past couple weeks, and allowing me to use the official Geometry Dash server for it. It's an honour to have my work associated with the game in an official way as an actual community event. Next time I should be streaming the event! Also big thanks to Trusta and Pan for joining me on call while we were doing this :) It was a lot of fun, and I really want to do it more with them, so expect more videos with the two of them. As for the video itself, the part with mbed, npesta and cruz are probably my favourites. They just go so well and they have a really funny flow to them.

My next coming videos are a video with Xaro and a video with Juniper, so please look forward to those! I think they are gonna be wonderful as well :) definitely not as intense as this though, but still high quality content. You guys know me by now, I refuse to upload anything but the best. This would have been put on the bench for now, had it not been for the fact that it involved other people who were excited about it.


Discord server: https://discord.gg/KmNNHFs
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Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/fake_aeon_air
Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/aeonair
[DISCLAIMER] Non of the music in this video is owned by me, it is all owned by their respective owners :)
Any content uploaded by me, is owned by me, using any of it without permission will result in a channel strike if you do not remove it by request. Ask me before using any of it, and we can neggotiate.

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