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XM.COM - Peter McGuire - YourMoney.com.au - 13/05/2019

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1. XM.com Peter McGuire speaks with YourMoney.com anchor Leanne Jones

2. Fractured economy and wage growth 2.3% year on year

3. Multiple jobs and working on ABN's

4. Judgement day this Saturday - national election

5. RBA been told - hyper sensitive

6. Will they be tipped over for next month

7. Will it be a mirror to Trump and Twitter

8. 65 handle for Aussie if Labour are elected

9. Proxy for China

10. Continued push and significant policy differences

11. Equity stand out

12. Status Quo and what's next for Asian markets, will they be smacked down

13. Matter of 2 days and may be a quiet week or volatility remain

14. Consumer expectations ?

15. Capital flows data and Phily manufacturing index released this week

16. University of Michigan - data released this week

17. Lighthizer & Mnuchin head back to Beijing for more trade talks

18. Battleships heading into Persian Gulf, Russia and civil disconnect in Venezuela

19. Nuclear interactions across the Mid-East

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